Friday, November 6, 2009


Hello Blog. It has been awhile.

This was a fantastic lunchbox project I recently worked on for my small friend Ella. It was her first day of kindergarten and her mom wanted to surprise her with her very own personalized, super duper, extra pink & girly, almost makes you sick it's so cute lunchbox. I think I nailed the "it almost makes you sick" part,..but I still have some work to do on the rest.

After much deliberation and discussion on what to draw,.. the bottom scratchy sketch was chosen as the direction to go in. (Other options included, a teacher owl, a sea creature from the deep eating small children, and monsters heads.) I was hoping the mother would choose a monster theme since Ella is a big fan of Friday the 13th and horror movies.But due to the Child Protective Services and sensitive teachers we went with the flying pony version.

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