Friday, November 6, 2009


Well there is nothing like a global flu outbreak coinciding with going back to school to get the old creative juices flowing. I recently did some character work for the Children's Hospital for a flu fighting campaign it was doing to raise awareness and help kiddos stay virus free. At first I thought the kid characters were going to be developed into full out super heros who would be flying rings around the likes of Captain America and Spiderman. But soon after I was told they would in fact be just normal kids wearing capes fighting germs and telling kids how to remember to wash their grubby hands. Eh' still a good time.

You can check out the actual website promoting the Children's Flu Fighters campaign and order up a FLU KIT for your school or place of business or possibly even yourself.

The kit contains an assortment of colorful stickers, posters, mirror clings, coloring pages and 98 bottles of Purell with a belt clip attached to them. Enjoy the post and now wash those grubby hands.

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