Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Whew well I'm getting around to posting again. I've been busy working on a variety of projects and have not had the time to post anything on here. These are some recent shirt designs I did. The boat version was a design that was created for State Farm Insurance much like the previous option in a later post. All of my shirts will be available for purchase in a bit. Thank you for all of your comments & e-mails. This blog has been fun thus far!!

Monday, November 24, 2008


I'm finally beginning the work on my website and after long back n forth I decided it is going to be a sea creature themed site. I seem to have a love of those awkward deep sea creatures. I took a trip to Maui awhile back and fell in love with all the life I discovered under the surface. The color, the movement, the way it immerses you into a entirely different world. So I began my scribbles of 2 lil characters but will be doing ALOT more in the coming days and will be posting the progress as I go along.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Well after a couple week delay I'm finally getting around to posting some new finished work. It's amazing how quickly time can cruise on by when you are knee deep with no sleep. So now that the bags under my eyes and subsided a bit,...here comes a post . This one is a continuation of a sketch for a music book cover I had posted recently. Nothing like a warm tropical illustration to make me feel better on a ice cold November Day.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Some fish in a pan

These pieces were done for a sing along book that taught music scales.
I had the blowfish between the man's legs originally,..but oddly enough the client said
no. Live n Learn!!!


I was digging through some old files and came across these sketches i did awhile back for a Hospital Kangaroo character. I kinda liked them so I thought I'd share these golden oldies! Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Well I'm posting a collection of some bears I was working on for Dunkin Donuts coffee.
Yes somehow cute lil bears and imported coffee beans make sense. These are all just concepts and I'm still working on character development and switching around color pallets. The 1st brown version tends to look to much like a rejected
version of Yogi Bear for my liking,..but for now I shall deal.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Well I got job to create a fun pen mailer. A company wants to send out pens and have a fun unique packaging concept to go with it. We all know that pens are the most interesting thing on the market. I mean it writes, you can sign casts with it, you can shoot spitballs with the tube. Limitless possibilities! But how do you make it fun?

So this was my first stab at it. Still a WIP and will be tinkering with the characters a bit and the type treatment. But I thought I'd post this and continue polishing this turd. ENJOY!!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008



Soooo I'm posting a t-shirt design I did for Burger King about a month ago and then afterwards turned the graphic into this lil swipe card.I'm not a big fast food guy myself but I have a soft spot for creepy clowns and non blinking big headed kings.
So this project was right up my alley.

Monday, October 27, 2008

It squeaks when you bang it.

Ahh yes a new sketch and a new post.
Still a work in progress.

Monday, October 20, 2008


Promotional piece mailer.
The large area of empty space is allowing for a toy bone to be placed in the area.
Just an design FYI.


This a lil lunch box campaign I did for a local agency. I did a couple characters designs to start it off ( Yes Captain America) and then went into final layouts. Overall I'm pretty happy with the look,..but would like to explore more garment options.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


The New Halloween Postcard is finally finished and is out devouring small helpless children everywhere.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Cover Piece

Let's break down how this one started.

4pm Revisions to sketch were made by client.
8-9pm Sketch revisions made on my end.
Ate a quick meal of Fajitas and 2% Milk
9:30pm- 4:15 am Worked on final piece and burned out retinas staring unblinking into computer screen.
9am Wake up and check e-mail from client.
9:17am -12pm Tweak final.
12pm - 12:32pm Minor freak out as computer locks up with spinning wheel of death.
Need to restart and tweak the last 10 minutes again.
1:05pm E-mail final piece off to client.
1:06 Shower my oily body to it's professional appearance it is today.
1:15 Eat breakfast.
1:30 Look back at this piece and not be happy with it and decide to revise it at a later date. 

My Day and Art. TA-DA!


Well here is the latest in the stream of Yeti Posts. I've been working on a cellphone interphase for kids that is character based and
has a back story to it. This animatic is basically my rough pitch of how two of the multiple functions would flow and work. It is a bit rough but it gets the point across. Some people have asked about the sweat on the character. My explanation is simple. He is a misplaced Yeti/aka Snowbeast with a nice thick coat of fur. And as anyone who has ever worn a Yeti lined Coat can tell you,....it can get sticky in there. So here it is.

I'd love to know any comments.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Character Designs,..thus far

Yes yet another Yeti character design.
I wanted to break it down into elements that could be easily made into simple animation. That was and has been my problem all along as I’ve revised and revised it 6 times. I wanted it more simple,..yet to keep a strong form and remain attractive and marketable. I think this one is a lil more tough/gritty looking and I feel gears more to boys than the previous post. But the animation is more annoying that enjoyable right now.They just twitch & blink. But it's a work in progress.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


This is a recent shirt I did for State Farm Insurance.
What better way to keep kids quiet while mommy & daddy talk than to give me him/her a shirt! Especially one with a sea creature on it destroying a city! The deadline was so tight for this one I had to reuse parts of a city scene from a previous piece to finish it up. The fact that I had just seen Cloverfield helped a bit with inspiration for this one

Romance in the Woods

A tribute to hair & women.

NOT American Idol

Originally this piece was going to be a spoof of the American Idol judges and use their likeness to resemble the interview process for college grads. But over the course of the project the direction changed to move away from the Idol judges into more non specific people and thus reduce the chance of being sued I guess. It still was a fun piece to work on and practice my character design skills with.

Rock n Roll Music

I did this piece for one of my favorite clients.
They are great people, respect the artists vision and
have fun work to boot! Plus I enjoy Elvis so it all works out in the end.

Boyscout Work!

I just finished up a spot illustration for the Boyscouts and some additional character design work. I really like how the kid characters got flushed to in the final piece and how the troop leader kinda looks like Tom Cruise. Hopefully I get to do more work for them! I guess I enjoy drawing animals and outdoor scenes.

12am Doodles

Just some quick sketches.
More to come,...

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Pro Reading Poster

This was a piece that came out of a rejected sketch for another client. I liked the ape character in it so much I decided to develop it further into another project. The character really went through some changes in the final stage (which was a good thing) I'm very happy with how the piece turned out.


Hello and welcome to my brand spanking new blog! 
I'm crossing my fingers in hopes that this works!

These are some color studies of a character I developed to be used as a navigation element
for a cell phone interphase that is geared towards technology inept children. ( are there any 
of those left in the world?) I hope to continue to develop his environment and side characters
 as well but for now I'm just trying to nail down his color and body type.

First Post Complete!