Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Well here is the latest in the stream of Yeti Posts. I've been working on a cellphone interphase for kids that is character based and
has a back story to it. This animatic is basically my rough pitch of how two of the multiple functions would flow and work. It is a bit rough but it gets the point across. Some people have asked about the sweat on the character. My explanation is simple. He is a misplaced Yeti/aka Snowbeast with a nice thick coat of fur. And as anyone who has ever worn a Yeti lined Coat can tell you, can get sticky in there. So here it is.

I'd love to know any comments.

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Jennifer Katherine said...

*Giggle* Love your new 'about me'...I do believe you're on to another 'something big' with this one. :)