Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Cover Piece

Let's break down how this one started.

4pm Revisions to sketch were made by client.
8-9pm Sketch revisions made on my end.
Ate a quick meal of Fajitas and 2% Milk
9:30pm- 4:15 am Worked on final piece and burned out retinas staring unblinking into computer screen.
9am Wake up and check e-mail from client.
9:17am -12pm Tweak final.
12pm - 12:32pm Minor freak out as computer locks up with spinning wheel of death.
Need to restart and tweak the last 10 minutes again.
1:05pm E-mail final piece off to client.
1:06 Shower my oily body to it's professional appearance it is today.
1:15 Eat breakfast.
1:30 Look back at this piece and not be happy with it and decide to revise it at a later date. 

My Day and Art. TA-DA!


Jennifer Katherine said...

When you send these in...the emailed person shouts, "Mitch sent it in, come look!' and we all crowd around the screen.

Mukpuddy said...

Really dig your work dude!!